Kindergarten Orientation

Dear Families,

We would like to welcome your child to Kindergarten! We are looking forward to an exciting year. Please look for our Orientation Packet in the upcoming days.

Kindergarten Orientation is Monday August 27th 2018 at 5:00 pm starting in the Multipurpose room. This will be a time that you can meet the teachers, see the classroom, drop off supplies. We will also share some information about the first day of school.

In this letter you will find some information about kindergarten, some information for you to fill out, and one activity for you to do with your kindergartner.

Supplies: Each child should donate to the class:

  • Two boxes of Ticonderoga #2 pencils
  • Ten glue sticks
  • One pair of Fiskars child-size scissors
  • A package of dry erase markers
  • 3 Marble wide ruled notebooks ( these are the black and white ones without a metal spiral)
  • 3 poly folders ( plastic folders: 1 red, 1 yellow, and 1 green)
  • One ream of white copy paper
  • One ream of white cardstock
  • One ream of colored cardstock
  • Two boxes of tissues
  • Four rolls of paper towels
  • Four containers of moist towelettes for cleaning hands before lunch
  • Four container of Clorox Wipes for cleaning surfaces
  • Three boxes of 5 oz paper cups
  • Four boxes ziplock baggies (Boys: sandwich size bags, Girls: 
gallon size)
  • A shoebox size container with a change of clothing (all items labeled)

Please do not label these supplies with your child’s name (unless noted); they will be combined and used as needed. Please bring in all supplies for Kindergarten Orientation.

  • Change of clothing: Toileting accidents do sometimes occur in kindergarten, and children sometimes get wet or dirty on the playground, so please send a change of clothing for your child to keep at school.  PLEASE LABEL ALL ITEMS WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME!


  • Classroom facilities: Each classroom has a coat room and a single washroom.  Each child will be assigned a hook on which to hang his/her coat and a cubby for storing personal items.  Please assure your child that s/he will be allowed to use the class washroom whenever necessary.


  • Lunch and Breakfast: All CPS children receive free lunch and breakfast everyday. However, if you wish for your child to eat something other than the school lunch, feel free to send a labeled lunch with your child to school in the morning. Please be sure to include any allergies or dietary needs on the provided form.


  • Communication: The most efficient way to communicate with me is to send an email. or  through the classdojo app. You can also include a note in your child’s homework folder. These folders will be checked at school everyday before the end of the day.  Please check them at home for notes and classroom information.
  • Homework:  Brief homework assignments will be assigned daily; math, phonics, and sight word practice.  Your kindergartener will come home with a weekly reading log and sight word log. These will come home on Friday and should be returned the following Friday You should also spend some time every day reading to your child and talking about the day’s activities.


  • Attendance: Daily attendance is very important. If your child must be absent, please call the school office at (773) 535-0585 to let us know. You must also send a note when your child returns; otherwise, the absence cannot be considered excused.


  • Gym: Kindergartners  will have gym class weekly. We will notify you of your child’s gym schedule no later than the first week of school. The children should wear blue or gray shorts or sweatpants, a white or navy shirt, and gym shoes on gym days. The PTO will be selling “Murray Wear”, which is appropriate (but not required) for gym. Children will not have an opportunity to change before gym, so gym clothes should be worn instead of regular clothes.


  • Transportation Home: Please send a note if your child is taking a different form of transportation home at the end of the day.  Communication reduces panic among children and teachers alike


  • Birthdays: You may send purchased treats to school on your child’s birthday.  Do not send invitations to your child’s birthday party to school and ask me, or your child, to pass them out unless all of the children are invited.


  • Class Blog:  Information about class activities will be posted on our class blog. If you do not have access to the Internet or if you would simply prefer to receive a hard copy of the most current message, just send a note and we will print it out and send it home with your child.


  • Important Dates:  1) Monday, August 27th, Kindergarten Orientation.  2)Tuesday, September 4, first day of Kindergarten!



The Kindergarten Team

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