Kindergarten First Day Logistics

Hello Parents,
Thank you so much for those who could make it to our Kindergarten Orientation! If you could not, no worries, I will be distilling all important information in this email.
The school doors will open at 8:30. Our door will be door 3 (labeled 104 on the sidewalk). The first week I will be outside the door with a sign saying Ms. Melanson Room 104 at 8:20. After the first week I will open the classroom door at 8:30. Please send your student to school at this time so we can start instruction at 8:45 sharp. Before school care is offered by Right at School. Drop off time for before school care is 8:15 using the main doors. If you are interested in before school care please contact the main office with any questions.
*** For the first day of school ***
Murray will be having a prep rally to celebrate the first day of school starting at 8:25 on the front lawn by the playground. Ms. Rayburn and I will be outside our door holding Room 104 signs. During this time, before 8:45, we will be taking first day pictures and getting students ready to say goodbye for the school day. At 8:45 we will take students inside to begin our day. Parents are not to accompany their students inside at this time. After school I invite parents into the classroom to take any remaining first day pictures, tour the classroom, have your kindergartner show you their work, or ask me any questions you have. I will be sending your student’s take home folder with them on the first day. Please check the take home folder everyday as it will have important forms and information.
Students will be dismissed through our classroom door (the same one for arrival). I will keep students on the landing until they are picked up. Please let me know the morning of if someone not on the pick up list, is picking up your student. I will not release your student to anyone who is not approved by you. Students taking the bus will be walked to the bus and boarded by a staff member at 3:30. If your student will be taking the bus, we are waiting for routing and you will be informed when bus service can start as soon as possible. Students participating in after school programs will be dismissed at 3:45 and walked to the multipurpose room by Ms. Rayburn. From the multipurpose room, students will be picked up by their programs representatives.
I’ll be sending other important information the first week of school via the take home folder. If you would like to be updated when there is a new blog post please let me know, otherwise it will be updated every Friday after school. I’m very excited to be your kindergarten teacher. We will have an amazing year!
If you have any questions please feel free to reach out any time.
Ms. Melanson

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