Week 2 in Review

Hello Parents of 104,

Happy Friday! This week was a blast, we finished up our first unit ‘Getting to Know You’ and we are moving full steam ahead into our next, very short, unit on colors. This week we learned how to read a book 3 ways: reading the words, reading the pictures, and retelling the story. We used our pointer power to independently read for seven minutes! We got our book boxes and got the chance to pick two of our favorite books to put in. We are well on our way to becoming independent readers and writers during our Daily 5 Balanced Literacy block.

In math we practiced our calendar routine focusing on the days of the week, months, and graphing our weather. We began to graph our birthdays using a T-chart for who is 5 and who is 6. This graph will be updated throughout the year to give real life opportunities to interpret data. We learned how to use some of our math tools that we will use in our Guided math block such as: linking cubes, counting bears, pattern blocks, and three dimensional shapes. We will be using these tools throughout the year to solve problems, play mathematical games, and in small group instruction.

In our inquiry block, where we explore science and social studies used a problem-based approach, we discussed and decided on our classroom rules and values. We learned about kindness and how our actions affect our community. We began our Leader in Me notebooks, defining ourselves, what we like, and what is special to us.

Next week we will have 5 sight words, if you would like your student to be assessed on the first 100 sight words please send me an email. Currently we are doing our beginning of the year testing. In order for me to properly assess your student I need to collect all evidence of their knowledge. Unfortunately, I can not send classroom work home at this time. Once our assessments are complete I will send home student work with feedback.

Next week we have World Language on Tuesday and Thursday, Gym on Wednesday and Friday, and Art on Monday. Our Library day is every Thursday, be sure to send your student to school with their library book. If you have any questions always feel free to reach out! Have a great weekend 🙂

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