Let’s Roar for Week 4

Hi Parents of Room 104,

This week has been amazing! We hit our 15 minutes of independent reading and we are in full swing with our literacy centers. Every morning we begin with independent reading. This is a time for your student to go to a variety of comfry reading spots and practice reading. I encourage students to pick books of interest as well as assigning  books at their proper reading levels. Children learn to read by reading every day during this uninterrupted time. We are learning to read books cover to cover, and to use our pointer fingers to track print. We learned picture power to help comprehend stories. We are still testing students individually to match the proper reading level and skills.

In writing we are drawing stories where there are people doing something. This helps build foundational understanding of formal sentence structure and parts of speech. We are beginning to add words by focusing on beginning, middle, and ending sounds. We are introducing ending punctuation, specifically periods. I am encouraging students to ask themselves “does my story have a person/people and are they doing something?” Before they add punctuation. This step will help alleviate common grammer misconceptions later on.

In mathematics we are well on our way to working independently at our centers. I design my math block to have a variety of centers focusing on different modes of learning. For example: whole group lessons, small group work, technology, fluency practice, application assessments, creative math journal pages, and kinesthetic math tubs and games. This allows ample opportunity for students to apply mathematical concepts in a variety of settings.

Please send the signed permission slip and field trip money to me ASAP! The school needs time to write a check and I can not accept money on the day of the trip.

Also, please sign up for the snack list. I want to thank all the parents who have participated in our snack. You have made room 104 a wonderful place for our students.

If you have any questions please reach out anytime.  The only time when I can’t speak is during arrival. If you would like an early morning meeting please let me know and I’ll be happy to accommodate.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. M

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