Bringing the Spooky to Week 8

Hello Parents of 104,

It’s been a busy time in Kindergarten. I apologize for not updating the blog, I have been brain storming on how best to utilize this blog space. I decided to give updates on what we are learning in the classroom and what you can do at home to mirror what is happening in the classroom.

First some updates, I will be sending home monthly calendars and newsletters going over big events and goals of the month. I have been sending student work home. Most of the work I send home daily is independent work that is done during center time. I may ask your student to correct the work, or I may send home extra practice sheets as needed. All student work that needs to be corrected will be in the front pocket of the homework folder. All other student work will be in the back pocket of the homework folder.

Many of you have been asking for more resources that you can use at home. I am a big fan of Raz Kidz for reading. I assign books to listen to, read, and take little quizzes on. If you would like to try it out you can click here or you can go to the app store and download the app on your phone or tablet. The teacher user name is vmelanson and it will log you into our classroom. For math I like to use kindergarten math games. I will also be sending home practice pages as needed in addition to the homework and home links.

The first quarter is ending and we will have report card pick up on November 14. I only have a few parents sign in for their appointment. Please let me know when you can come, I will have the list available at drop off/pick up. During report card pick up I will go over your students report card, their portfolio of work, their Leadership Notebook, and their academic goals for the year. If you can not make it on November 14 please email me so we can make arrangements.

In the classroom we have been focusing on many different skills outlined below:

Reading: we have been learning all of our Reading Super Powers. They include: pointer power, picture power, first letter power, sound power, and re-read power. Students have learned to use these super powers to help them figure out those tricky words. I have seen your students begin to apply these powers in an authentic way during our 15 minutes of independent reading and with support during guided reading. We have been focusing on comprehension questions like what happened at the beginning, middle, and end, characters, setting, and we will be going into problems and solutions in November. In guided reading groups lessons and activities will be differentiated to focus on the specific level your student is at. For example, we may be working on beginning, middle, and end during our whole group lesson, but in guided reading we are focusing on problem and solution. This model gives students ample exposure and support.

Writing: we are beginning to write sounds and sight words in our stories and how to books. We have begun learning about instructional texts and what we can teach our readers. We will be clapping sounds out, listening for sounds, and adding detail to our writing. At this point I’m pushing students to write three step instructional book about a topic they know a lot about. If you would like to support this at home a fun activity would be to have your student write directions for common activities. For example, how to brush your teeth or get ready for school. Then you can post their writing so they refer back to it everyday.

Math: We are beginning to explore the foundational structure of equations and number stories. For example, we are acting out word problems and using pictures or our figures to prove our thinking. In the classroom I push the students to explain their thinking over getting the right answer. At home I would encourage to notice math around you in your everyday life. For example, ask your student what costs more, how to categorize objects, what has more/less, and to informally notice equations like adding things or taking things away.

If you have any questions I’m always happy to help. Reach out any time 🙂

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