Week 17 – Happy New Year!

Hello Parents of Room 104,

Sight words: their, she, if, how, do

Specials: Monday – World Language, Tuesday – Gym, Wednesday – World Language, Thursday – Gym, Friday – World Language

Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were restful and wonderful. I will send out the classroom newsletter and calendar tomorrow (1/8). If you have not filled out the parent volunteer form, please do so. If you want to check if you have been approved, send me a dojo or email.

We are starting new units of study this week. In reading we will be learning Readers Theater by preforming our favorite books. This unit will culminate in a performance which parents are invited to (please fill out volunteer form for this event). In writing we will be learning ‘How to’ books where we teacher the reader things we are experts in. In Math we will be starting unit 5 which focuses on operations and algebraic thinking (ten frames, equations, addition strategies) and geometry. In Science we will be learning about physical forces (pushes and pulls) through designing a classroom pinball machine and using magnets. Lastly, in Social Studies we will be learning about community and community jobs.



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