Week 3: Plants and Animals

Hello Parents of Room 104,

Our specials this week are: Monday – Art, Tuesday – World Language, Wednesday – Gym, Thursday – World Language, Friday – Gym

Sight Words: the, of, and, a, to

I will be sending our first weekly homework packet home this week. You will find the packet in the second sleeve in your student’s take home folder. Homework is due this Friday, I still like to check the homework everyday but I will take a grade on Friday. Upon requests from many parents I will be sending home a handwriting practice sheet for each day in the homework packet as well. If you have questions please reach out to me.

I want to encourage all parents to sign up for our classroom dojo to stay up to date with classroom news.

This week we will be studying the following:

Reading: looking for things we can read in the world, growing our stamina on independent and buddy reading, and to read books cover to cover.

Phonics: exploring letters and sorting them on how they are different from each other, identifying letter names and shapes. We will be focusing on letters J-N in ABC Bootcamp.

Writing: adding pictures and sounds to create writing pieces, adding more writing to our pieces when we think we are done, and building our independent writing stamina.

Math: play a game to develop oral counting skills ,create a representation to show our collective birthdays ,create a class T-graph to represent our ages ,counting out objects to represent the number 5.

Science: explain that monarch caterpillars can only live where there are milkweed plants for them to eat, investigate to answer unit question of what plants and animals need to live and grow, explain that plants grow from seeds and that plants have stems, leaves, flowers, and roots.

Social Studies: Tell what a good choice is and what a bad choice is, tell ways to be a good friend, tell ways to be a good friend, work on our Leader in Me binders and goal setting.

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