Week 19: Pushes and Pulls

Sight Words: will, up, other, about, out

Spelling Words: in, is, you, that, it

Specials: Monday – Gym, Tuesday – World Language, Wednesday – Gym, Thursday – Library & World Language, Friday – Art

Happy Week 19! We will be moving onto our second unit in Science – Pushes and Pulls! Over the course of this quarter your student will learn about forces and apply their knowledge to designing their own pinball machine. It is an amazing project!

We are in desperate need of parent volunteers to share about their job. We are looking for parents to come in for about 30 min. dressed in your uniform, and willing to share what you do, and how it helps our community. Please fill out the volunteer form and interest sheet to participate.

This week we will learn….

Reading: How can we become Super Readers? 

  • I can match my tone to the feelings in the story to show I understand the story.
  • I can talk about the books I read to bring them to life and learn more from them.

Phonics: What decoding strategies help us read fluently? 

  • I can add -s to the end of a word to make it sound right in a sentence.
  • I can add -ing to the end of a word to show it is happening right now.

Writing: How can I make my writing easier to read?

  • I can write sentences in my story.
  • I can reread my writing often. I can write a little, then reread a little, and write some more.
  • I can use tools, such as checklists, to help me write the best I can.
  • I can use vowels to help spell the middle of words.

Math: What math tools help us answer questions? How can we put together or split things apart to help us answer questions?

  • I can re-engage with my work from the previous day to consider the many ways to make a hexagon.
  • I can use connecting cubes to compose and decompose numbers in multiple ways.
  • I can compare the weights of objects through an exploration of the pan balances.

Science: How do we make a pinball start to move?

  • I can explain that an object starts to move when someone pushes or pulls it.
  • I can explain that an object starts to move when another object exerts a force on it.

Social Studies: What makes a community? 

  • I can explain different jobs in a community and tell why they are important.
  • I can explain how and why people work.

Week 18: Our Community

Sight words: if, how, their, do, she

Spelling Words: the, of, and, a, to

Specials: Mon – World Language, Tue – Art, Wed – World Language, Thur – Gym, Fri – World Language

Happy Week 18! This will be the first week that we will be giving spelling tests and sight word tests. The sight word test will remain the same, you can find them on the homework packet. The spelling words are also on the homework packet. The spelling words are old sight words that everyone in the class has mastered. By working on spelling, your Kindergartener will become more fluent readers and writers.

Family Snowmen projects are due Monday the 13th.

After school tutoring from Ms. Melanson will be offered Mondays after school. Please email if you are interested.

This week we will learn by…..

Reading: using text patterns to help us read smoothly, changing our reading voices to match the punctuation, and changing our reading voices to match the tone of the story.

Phonics: making new words by changing the first letter of a word, adding -s to words show you mean more than one of something.

Writing: we celebrated publishing our true stories, rereading and fixing up our writing to make sure another reader can read it, using what we know about writing to help our new writing pieces, and drawing and talking about our story to our writing partners to help us write the story.

Math: using calculators to practice reading and recording numbers, mentally composing and decomposing numbers to show quantities 5-10, counting and recognizing numbers 10-19 through movement, and combining pattern shape blocks to build hexagons in different ways.

Science: explain that humans make choices so that other living things can get what they need to live and grow, and we can create a plan for a garden where monarch butterflies can live and grow.

Social Studies: describe places in a community, making a craft of places in a community, and explain different jobs in a community and tell why they are important.


Ms. Melanson and Ms. Smith

Week 3: Plants and Animals

Hello Parents of Room 104,

Our specials this week are: Monday – Art, Tuesday – World Language, Wednesday – Gym, Thursday – World Language, Friday – Gym

Sight Words: the, of, and, a, to

I will be sending our first weekly homework packet home this week. You will find the packet in the second sleeve in your student’s take home folder. Homework is due this Friday, I still like to check the homework everyday but I will take a grade on Friday. Upon requests from many parents I will be sending home a handwriting practice sheet for each day in the homework packet as well. If you have questions please reach out to me.

I want to encourage all parents to sign up for our classroom dojo to stay up to date with classroom news.

This week we will be studying the following:

Reading: looking for things we can read in the world, growing our stamina on independent and buddy reading, and to read books cover to cover.

Phonics: exploring letters and sorting them on how they are different from each other, identifying letter names and shapes. We will be focusing on letters J-N in ABC Bootcamp.

Writing: adding pictures and sounds to create writing pieces, adding more writing to our pieces when we think we are done, and building our independent writing stamina.

Math: play a game to develop oral counting skills ,create a representation to show our collective birthdays ,create a class T-graph to represent our ages ,counting out objects to represent the number 5.

Science: explain that monarch caterpillars can only live where there are milkweed plants for them to eat, investigate to answer unit question of what plants and animals need to live and grow, explain that plants grow from seeds and that plants have stems, leaves, flowers, and roots.

Social Studies: Tell what a good choice is and what a bad choice is, tell ways to be a good friend, tell ways to be a good friend, work on our Leader in Me binders and goal setting.

Week 1: Welcome to Kindergarten!

Hello Families of Room 104,

I am so happy to welcome you to Room 104. Each week I will update this blog with the week’s specials, sight words, events, and what we are focusing on in our classroom. This first week we will be focusing on building classroom routines, procedures, and getting to know each other. I will ask that on the first day please send your student with a small object that begins with the letter A. For example, an apple, ambulance car, ant toy, etc.)

Our specials for this week are: Tuesday – World Language, Wednesday – Gym, Thursday – World Language and Library, Friday – Art.

This week I will be sending home many important forms to fill out and info sheets to read. A few that I want to highlight are: Classroom Dojo sign up code, Kindergarten Info flip book, CPS School forms, ABC Bootcamp info sheet, classroom calendar and newsletter, and the monthly project ‘All About Me’ book page. Please see all due dates listed in the calendar.

For the first day please come early as Mr. Mason will host a back to school prep rally. I will be checking students in by my door (Door 3 by the playground). I will be taking in school supplies and I have set up first day pictures for the morning. I will invite students inside at 8:45, at this time parents will give their last goodbyes. No parents will be able to enter the classroom once the school day has started.

I will ask all parents to sign their students out at dismissal. If your student will be taking the bus please double check with the office that they are routed. If someone that is not the listed parent picking up your student always communicate their name and have them bring their I.D. for me to check for sign out.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out. My email is vmelanson@cps.edu.

Let’s have an amazing week!


Ms. M

Week 17 – Happy New Year!

Hello Parents of Room 104,

Sight words: their, she, if, how, do

Specials: Monday – World Language, Tuesday – Gym, Wednesday – World Language, Thursday – Gym, Friday – World Language

Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were restful and wonderful. I will send out the classroom newsletter and calendar tomorrow (1/8). If you have not filled out the parent volunteer form, please do so. If you want to check if you have been approved, send me a dojo or email.

We are starting new units of study this week. In reading we will be learning Readers Theater by preforming our favorite books. This unit will culminate in a performance which parents are invited to (please fill out volunteer form for this event). In writing we will be learning ‘How to’ books where we teacher the reader things we are experts in. In Math we will be starting unit 5 which focuses on operations and algebraic thinking (ten frames, equations, addition strategies) and geometry. In Science we will be learning about physical forces (pushes and pulls) through designing a classroom pinball machine and using magnets. Lastly, in Social Studies we will be learning about community and community jobs.



Week 16 Happy Holidays!

Good Afternoon Parents,

Sight words: Please practice all your sight words this week for a good review. I will be giving a final test on all our sight words this Friday

Specials: Monday – Gym, Tuesday – World Language, Wednesday – Gym, Thursday – World Language, Friday – Art

Our field trip to MSI will be tomorrow 12/18 and we will be leaving at 10:00 am. Students should bring a bag lunch that they can throw away when they are done eating. If you would like to meet us there all parents are welcome to meet us there.

Our Winter Assembly will be this Thursday at 9:15. I would advise coming early and grabbing a good seat, this event is packed and I want to make sure you guys get a good view. I will be taking pictures/videos during the event and afterward to save the memories.

One last thought, our Winter Party will be this Friday at 2:00. We will be having snacks, decorating trees and cookies, building ginger bread houses, and many more great activities. I hope to see you there!

Week 15

Hello Parents!

Sight words: there, use, an, each, which

Specials: Monday – World Language, Tuesday – Gym, Wednesday – World Language, Thursday – Art, Friday – World Language

Field Trip to MSI is 12/18 and all money and permission slips are due 12/14

I wanted to update you on a few new procedures. As you have seen, I will be sending home a monthly calendar and newsletter going over our daily specials, all events, reminders, and our monthly learning focus. You will find our calendar and newsletter in the first plastic sleeve in your folder. The homework packet will be in the second sleeve to prevent them from falling out of the folder. You will find our daily sight words on the homework packet and I will be posting them on the blog as well.

I have also been sending home various extra practice pages or work that I think your student would benefit from. Please treat these extra practice pages as homework and send back the next day for me to give feedback.

I have been testing students on their sight words using a booklet. Each page has 2 weeks worth of words on it, and when students have mastered a page they unlock a sticker for their book. On Fridays I test on this week’s words and previous week’s words. I like this system because it gives students extra opportunities to master their first 100 sight words. For students who have mastered their sight words we are working on our second booklet focusing on short and long vowel fluency and phrases. I will continue to send home sight word tests and words that your student needs to review.

I put all our whole group learning objectives for the month on our newsletter. However, I believe in differentiation and teaching to your student’s specific learning continuum. I use daily assessments, exit tickets, and observations to inform my small group targeted instruction. If you ever have questions around what your student’s goals are for small group please let me know and I’ll be happy to share.

If you have any questions send me a text via dojo or email any time. I’m happy to help 🙂


Ms. M